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- Avenger's Shield will show up as a interrupt skill on the cooldowns list if Rebuke is on CD or out of range
- Hammer of Justice should now show up correctly on cooldowns bar when Fist of Justice is talented
- Fixed 10 yard range being calculated using Fist of Justice when FoJ talent was selected
- Added frame alpha configuration to addon menu


- Fixed a bug with caching of buffs that was causing Inquisition timer frame to be active even when Inquisition was up.


- Lots of optimizations. Performs better in Raids when tons of mobs are pulled. I cannot guarantee this is 100% fixed, but a number of routines received significant optimization for execution time.
- Frames no longer use buttons so they aren't clickable. This is a minor annoyance when not in combat (i.e. for buffs) but makes the frame hide and show way more reliable. It seems this was only working before because of a race condition -- the addon's update rate was very high and seems to have been beating the combat lockout taking effect.
- Major health history refactor:
- Optimized health history update.
- Fixed some incorrect math when predicting upcoming death and near death
- Death prediction up to 8 seconds in the the future based on 3 second health history.
- Fixed issue where changing roles could cause death prediction to trigger.
- Added frame number for profiling to limit output of stats to frames where they changed.
- Changed UpdateIcons to use pre-initialized table to set the sorted list. This is significantly faster than creating an empty list an iterating to add indices.
- Cleaned up UpdateIcons to not use off-by-one frameNum
- Changed HoJ_Update, HoJ_UpdateGlow, HoJ_UpdateRender to member functions.
- Changed profiling to only output whe threshold is met.
- Added "/hoj func" command to restrict profiling output to matching functions.
- Changed update rate to 15 times per second.
- Added profiling functions.
- Optimized UpdateIcons. List iteration is painfully slow. Calling into WoW is painfully slow, too.
- Optimized some table initialization so the size can be pre-determined by Lua's compiler.
- Removed 6th frame on cooldowns to make it the same as buffs.


0.94.6-Beta: (Not released)
- Added data-driven rotation selection for Retribution


- Fixed spam when in Ret mode and taking damage.


- Added a charge counter on rotation frame
- Added saved var versioning. This might reset some of your show / not show settings in the UI to correct a bug in earlier versions.
- Added Word of Glory and Justicar's Vengeance to Ret cooldowns
- Also added Flash of Light to cooldowns if nothing else is available
- Fixed problem with Prot Consecration cooldown check not taking GCD into account. This is why Consecration didn't always show up when you weren't standing in it.
- Cleaned up cooldown checking in general. There were some invalid uses of prediction in some places.
- Refactored the way current buffs are checked to use less CPU time.
- Added Avenger's Valor buff check (but not used yet for Shield of the Righteous)
- Ret rotation wll now look ahead to the next skill coming off cooldown when no skills are available in the rotation.
- Divine Purpose is now taken into account in the rotation.
- Fixed Ret to use the correct Consecration spell ID for Ret.
- Forbearance is now be handled correctly.
- Fixed problems with Blessed Hammer/Hammer of the Righteous coming up in the rotation when one or the other wasn't available.


- Added a cooldown timer to the rotation frame.
- Renamed some of the addon frames internally to better-match their current uses. Unfortunately this will reset your frame positions if you were already using the addon.


- Amortized some of the update logic to remove most of performance issues I was seeing.


- Fixed check for interruptible spells not working because the return values from UnitChannelInfo and UnitCastingInfo changed since this was last used (WoD or early Legion). This mean Rebuke didn't show up when it should.
- Fixed interrupt checks not accounting for spells being on cooldown. Not sure when this broke.
- Added health history.
- Only show Shield of Vengeance when in combat and taking damage > 10% of health per second.
- Changed cooldowns to only update every 0.25 seconds
- Added changes.txt to archive (this file)
- Updated readme.txt for Protection.
- fixed Hammer of Wrath not showing on the rotatoin when Crusade / Avenging Wrath was active.
- Added skill rotation.
- Added damage mitigation and healing cooldowns: Light/Hand of the Protector, Divine Shield, Lay On Hands, Blessing of Protection, Gift of the Naaru, Guardian of Ancient Kings, Ardent Defender, Shield of the Righteous.


- Fix issue where sometimes a rotation skill is shown when everything is on cooldown. Usually this was Crusader Strike. Global Cooldown was using the wrong spell. Not sure when I broke that, but maybe when I was initially doing 8.1 update. This caused the rotation to sometimes suggest a skill that was actually on cooldown. This only seemed to happen when all skills were on cooldown.

- Added Selfless Healer to cooldowns. Currently shows with 4 stacks or health <= 50%.
- Updated readme.txt
- Restricted buff updates to every 0.25 seconds.
- Renamed windows to reflect current usage and documentation.


- fixed Hammer of Wrath to not show when target health is above 50%
- added Shield of Vengeance to the cooldowns bar. This will show if SoV is off cooldown and you're in combat or targetting an attackable mob.


0.93.4-Beta: First Beta:
- removed some debug output.


- Fixed Empyrean Power buff to show as Divine Storm on the rotation frame, instead of the Empyrean Power buff, since when this buff is active you want to use the Divine Storm skill.


- Fixed a bug where the Crusader Strike icon was incorrect if the add-on loaded while in protection spec.


- Fixed an issue where the cooldown timer on one of the cooldown frame buttons was visible if the add-on loaded in protection.


0.93.0: Initial release:
- updated for BFA 8.1

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