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If you are after Guildbook for classic era then head on over to Guildbook_ClassicEra



Data container addon for additional info is available here Guildbook_TSDB - World of Warcraft Addons - CurseForge

This is optional and Guidlbook will function fine without it.


Welcome to Guildbook for Classic Cata!


This addon helps guild members share their character information. It can share,



Equipment sets

Tradeskills (Professions)


Other features include,

Personal calendar with instance lockout data

Legacy guild bank allows you to view your alts items

Daily quest tracker

Character data export (currently works with 80upgrades import json)

Chat, guild chat and whispers all in 1 interface



Check out the images to see what's on offer.



To get started download and install the addon. Its helpful to open the settings and set your main spec and as you log in with characters set your main character. After that open your talents and professions so the addon can scan the data and share it.