Guild Raid Attendance

Keeps track of raid loot and attendance for guild. Support Loot Council and EPGP (built-in EPGP module). 

This addon is mainly for the person who keeps track of raid attendances and loots.

Please leave me a pm on curseforge if you want to help with the localization.
Submit a ticket, let me know what you need or what bugs you've found.



  • Compact attendance sheet: simple and clear interface!
  • Completely in game: all attendances data are stored in its Saved Variables.
  • Communication: you can easily send raid attendances, loots and EPGP to raid members with this addon.
  • Built-in EPGP module: no need to install other EPGP addon. Disabled by default, you can enable it at any time.
  • Completely in game: like QDKP addon, it stores EP/GP points in officer notes. Even if you don't use EPGP, you can also record raid loots and attendances with this addon.
  • Built-in loot distribution tool: like BigDumbLootCouncil and RCLootCouncil, but more concise.
  • Export CSV: move attendance data wherever you want to.


Slash Commands

  • /gra show GuildRaidAttendance.
  • /gra resetposition reset GuildRaidAttendance frame position to center.
  • /gra minimap show/hide GRA minimap icon.
  • /gra loot show GRA distribution frame.


Guide (Admin)

  1. Assign admin: In order to use GRA, your guild must have a GRA admin.
    Add a newline for example: #GRA:Admin or multiple admins #GRA:Admin1,Admin2,Admin3 to guild information (no spaces). Require a UI reload.

  2. Import members: Config > Import to select your raid members.

  3. Init/Set EPGP (if your guild use EPGP): Config > EPGP Options > Enable EPGP. Auto decay is CURRENTLY not available, you have to do it manually.

  4. Set raid days: Config > Attendance Sheet, select raid days to show in the attendance sheet.

  5. Set raid start time: Config > Attendance Sheet, set raid start time for your team members. This time is used to check whether members are late or not. You can also set different times for each day.

  6. After all above, you can get into raid instance. Start tracking raids by accepting Track This Raid dialog. And don't forget to send roster data to your raid members, or their GRA will show nothing.


About raid log function

  • Manually add raids: Raid Logs > New Raid Log then select date to add. After that, you can edit attendances of that day in Attendance Editor.

  • Manually edit attendance: Raid Logs Attendance Editor.
    To change attendance, double click the gird in second column.
    You can also edit the reason for each absentee, or edit the join time for each attendees. Just don't forget to press OK and Save All Changes when you're done.

  • Send raid logs data: Select raid logs in the list, then click Send To Raid. You can use Ctrl or Shift to do multiple selection.


Know Issues

  • None.


To Do List

  • Player details.
  • Raid Calendar.
  • Appearance (larger font).
  • In-game help.