Important Note: This depends on GSE2.0 or higher


This is a plugin to GSE and you need to have that installed to use this. GSE is available at https://mods.curse.com/addons/wow/gnomesequencer-enhanced



What are Jabberie's Multibox Macros

A large collection of GSE macros specifically tailored for running multibox teams.  


How to use GS-MultiboxMacros

* Install GSE

* Install GS-MultiboxMacros

* Once ingame, open up GSE Options

* Under Plugins, select the GS-MultiboxMacros button

* This will save the set of macros to your account. 


Naming Convention Examples




Any feedback or suggestions greatly appreciated. 

Class/Spec requests can be put through the Curseforge Issues system or comments below.  

DeathKnight : Blood  
DemonHunter : All Specs  
Druid : All Specs  
Hunter : BM  
Mage : Arcane  
Monk : Tank/DPS  
Paladin : Tank/DPS 
Priest : Disc  
Rogue : Outlaw  
Shaman : All Specs  
Warlock : All Specs  
Warrior : Prot