6.1.0 Update

The default sound files for Gag is now contained in a separate download. You need a least one soundpack for Gag to work! See List of Soundpacks below for links.


  • Wrapper for playback of songs and sounds for everyone in your group with Gag installed.
  • The default soundpack contains more than 500 songs and sounds to play!
  • You can disable /say, /emote, or the entire addon at demand.
  • Group leaders can toggle Gag on/off for the entire group in case your party members take the party in "party" to seriously.

List of Soundpacks

+500 files acting as the default soundpack.

Send me a message to get your soundpack displayed here.


Click the minimap icon to browser songs, sounds and emotes, as well as a few options (Toggle Emotes, Toggle Group Emote and Enable). Every song also have a slash command, found by browsing the list or typing /gag list.

You can disable your own emotes if you'd like through the menu->Toggle Emotes. The party/raid leader has the option to turn off the addon for the entire group, if he so desires, through the menu ->Toggle Group Emotes.

New Sounds

If you have a sound/song you think should be added to Gag, create a ticket here (as enhancement) and provide the requested information. Note: generally I won't add songs longer than 30 seconds as well as any sounds I don't think is appropriate or fitting with the general theme. See the Soundpacks section for how to create your own soundpack.


For a guide/API to soundpacks, check out this page.


Thanks to everyone who trough time has kept the addon alive and expanded it. To my knowledge these require the credit: Barogio, KarlThePagan, Onilink, Moonrydre and Bleric.