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Fiery Claws: Your attacks with Mangle, Maul, and Shred cause your target to burn for an additional percentage of your attack's damage over 4 sec.

There has been some debate whether the implementation of the feral 2x T12 set bonus works as described, so I decided to make this tiny addon that just keeps track of the expected bonus damage vs the actual bonus damage we received. It uses a DataBroker display to display the ratio in real-time, and writes a small report to chat window when combat has ended. All with extremely low memory and cpu usage.

About the 2 T12 implementation:

  • If you Mangle, Shred or Maul, it creates a DoT with 4 second duration (2 ticks) for a total damage of 10% of the damage you did with the attack that triggered it. For example, if you Shred for 20k, you will get 2 ticks of 1k (total: 2k) Fiery Claws damage over 4 seconds.
  • If there was already a previous Fiery Claws DoT on the target, it will take the remaining damage of that DoT and add the new damage to it. It will reset the duration to 4 (or 6) seconds and split the new total damage over 2 (or 3) ticks.
  • It works exactly like mage's Ignite, but since (most of) our attacks are naturally throttled by a gcd, we should not suffer from 'munching'.
  • The biggest question is what happens when you spam multiple attacks in a row in between 2 ticks of the DoT, or how it behaves when you land a Maul and Mangle simultaneously.