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Works with forbidden nameplates in raids and dungeons in Patch 10.0.5


10.1 update:

Use to fix friendly nameplates:

/run SetCVar("nameplatePlayerMaxDistance", 60)


With Patch 10.0.5 Cvar "nameplateShowOnlyNames" has been removed meaning that Friendly Nameplates always comes with health bars.

But with addon "DF Friendly Nameplates" You can modify instances friendly nameplates to look like on before patch 10.0.5.

     Addon DF Friendly Nameplates         Default nameplates in 10.0.5


  • Hide Health Bar
  • Hide cast bar
  • Disable Heal Prediction on Health Bar
  • Color name by selection + Color name with Extened colors
  • Color HealthBar by selection + Color HealthBar with Extened colors
  • Use class colors for health bars
  • Click Through friendly nameplates
  • Nameplates Font settings


Type "/dffn" or "/friendlynameplates" to show window for additional settings.


For 3.4.2 WotLK Classic + Classic Era + Classic HC - use addon Classic Friendly Raid Nameplates