Put simply it's a timesaver. Instead of trawling through your bags for that quest item you want to use, this addon will create a macro that you put on your actionbar that is constantly updated depending on your location, bag contents and target to ensure that you have exactly what you need at your fingertips.

It was written originally as a personal time-saver for doing daily quests. Always having to dig around for the items I wanted was a pain. It has since expanded to include items you find in battlegrounds and more. No more running up to a gate in SotA, opening your bags and looking for the Seaforium charge...

It only responds to items stored in the add-ons own database. I don’t intend to put non-daily quests in, although some PVP items, the Darkmoon Faire and some others have made it in. I'm primarily Horde so although I will try and look to see if the Alliance have different but equivalent quests any help on these will be welcome.

The addon works by writing a macro which will target NPCs and/or use items as appropriate. I would suggest finding the macro and adding to your action bars. I also have mine key mapped as I'm not much of a clicker...


Currently out of scope. Blizzard have made it harder to be language independent by removing SubZone and NPC referenced by ID


If you find a repeatable quest or usable items that you would like to see added then I need the following information

The Quest and Item (Type /DI QUESTS to see all quests in your log with associated QuestID)
The Zone(s) and Sub-zone(s) that the item is active in (Type /DI ZONE to see where you are)
The mob to target (if any)