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Conspicuous Spirits will not be updated for Legion

Check out Doom Shards for a Warlock addon with a similar concept.

Conspicuous Spirits - An Auspicious Spirits Tracker

This addon allows you to track your incoming Shadow Orbs from Shadowy Apparitions (SAs) when running Auspicious Spirits and estimates their time of arrival.

There are two displays to choose from and a WeakAuras interface:

Complex Mode

Shows your currently available Shadow Orbs and displays the estimated impact time for your SAs and therefore your next Shadow Orb.

It doubles as a Shadow Orb display when not running Auspicious Spirits.

Complex Mode

Simple Mode

Provides a single frame with two displays for number of SAs in arriving in less and more than two seconds, respectively. Its grey background changes color to purple if there is at least one SA incoming in the next two seconds and red if you have at least three Orbs and are about to cap due to SAs in flight.

Simple Mode

WeakAuras Mode

Provides an interface with WeakAuras 2 if you want to build your own display. When choosing this option you will be provided with example WeakAuras strings to get you started.

Slash Commands

Slash Commands are "/cs" and "/csp".
You can quick toggle the display frames with "/cs lock", "/cs lock", and "/cs unlock".


We are currently looking for translators! Check the localization page if you want to contribute.

More Information

You can find a thread with more information on HowToPriest.