WoD Update

Currently testing a full update for WoD (and MoP) with new talents, abilities and ability pruning as well as updated rotations. Subtlety and Assassination are currently working and I have not yet tested Combat. Thanks to Deronda, jlongwell and all other contributors for their past efforts.

aitsu @ shandris


This Rogue module provides you with icons and bars to track your rogue, including suggesting which ability you should be using to do maximum dps. This module:

  • is PvE
  • is Single Target (though it knows when you're using Blade Flurry)
  • requires clcInfo to work
  • covers all three trees!!!
  • is written for level 90 rogues.
  • looks best when using OmniCC so you have nice numeric cd timers in your icons.

How to Use

A working knowledge of clcInfo is preferred. Understandably, some people would rather not take the time to learn the intricacies of this addon, though the reward is complete flexibility in designing your interface. Please consider the following:

Feedback or Questions

If you have feedback or questions, please post them in the curse comments section.

To report a bug or suggest an enhancement, use the curseforge ticket system.

Wish List

Programmers, please contact me with any ideas or contributions related to the following:

  1. HAT cool down timer. The only way to do this 100% reliably is for Blizzard to provide us with information via their API about where combo points come from.
  2. Class module priorities are set by using dropdowns. A much better interface would be something like the Guild Ranks interface in-game where you just push an up or down arrow to change priorities and a third button to activate or deactivate abilities.
  3. A bar or icon that displays whenever a target is cc'd (by anything). It would be very useful to know when a target is coming off cd to time subsequent cc's. IceHUD has this functionality.