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Works with forbidden nameplates in raids and dungeons


It is recommended to use it together with any addon for enemy nameplates (For example: Plater Nameplates, NeatPlates, etc.)


Support versions:

3.4.2 - Wrath Classic

1.14.4 - Classic Era + Classic HC

For retail 10.1.5 use addon - DF Friendly Nameplates


   Addon Classic Friendly Raid Nameplates                    Default classic nameplates

You can modify instances friendly nameplates to look like on WoW Retail 



  • Show only names
  • Hide levels
  • Hide cast bar
  • Disable Highlight onMouvseover
  • Color name by selection + Color name with Extened colors
  • Color HealthBar by selection + Color HealthBar with Extened colors
  • Use class colors for health bars
  • Click Through friendly nameplates
  • Nameplates Font settings
  • Small Name Font (Blizzard style)


Type "/cfrn" or "/friendlynameplates" to show window settings