Don't miss chat messages anymore by not listening to them.

Tired of missing chat messages because the game don't alert you? CSC is here to help! You can select a sound for any chat event, like guild chat, party chat and communities.



1. How to use: Just download it, activate and done! You will receive a sound alert for any chat event. Use the addon menu to change the alert sound or enable/disable features.

2. Which chat event can I customize?: There are o lot of chat events that you can customize, changing the alert sound or disabling it.
•     Guild and Guild Officer;

•     Raid chat and Raid Leader;
•     Whisper;
•     Communities;
•     Instances;
•     Party;
•     And more...

3. CSC Sound Packs:
StarCraft Pack
Notifications Pack #1
Notifications Pack #2
Sound Effects Pack #1