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About Broker_TolBarad

Broker_TolBarad shows who controls Tol Barad and the time until the next battle. During the battle it shows the time since the battle started. There are no messages sent between players. The function updating the time and faction requires that you are not in an instance.

You have the option to:

  • show / hide the seconds from the Broker text. By default seconds are hidden and will only show during the last minute.
  • choose whom to notice before the battle starts (self, guild, party, raid).
  • choose when to notice (battle start, 5min before, 15 min before, 30 min before).
  • use audio warning.

You can also get information related to the next battle by using Shift-Click on the time while the chat edit box is opened.

In order to use it you need a broker display addon like ButtonBin or Titan Panel.

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