There are a few options that are common to all Bitten's SpellFlash modules. They can be accessed by slash commands (and therefore put in macros and/or manually added to key bindings), but they are not visible anywhere in the game. This very simple addon exposes them through Blizzard's keybindings interface and the AddOn options window.

The options are:

  • Toggle AoE Mode: Only works for rotations that support it. Check your class' description page.
  • Print Debugging Info: Probably only useful if I ask you to use it while troubleshooting.
  • Toggle Floating Combat Text: Turns on/off Blizzard's "Damage" and "Floating Combat Text on Me" options.
  • Toggle Damage Mode in Groups: Tanking rotations have (or will have) a damage mode that is used when solo and above 50% health. This option forces the damage mode to be used even in groups, which is useful for content that the tank and/or healer(s) out-gear.
  • Toggle Blizzard Proc Highlight Animations: Turns on/off the flashy border animation that comes with the default Blizzard UI. By default it is replaced with a thick red border that does not flash, because that is harder to confuse with SpellFlash's suggestions, but if you really want to keep the default animation this can turn it back on.

To get to the key bindings after installing this addon:

  1. Press Escape
  2. Click Keybindings
  3. Scroll down until you find the section labelled "Bitten's SpellFlash"
  4. Set your bindings!

To get to the other options:

  1. Press Escape
  2. Click Interface
  3. Go to the AddOns tab
  4. Expand the "+" next to SpellFlash
  5. Click "Bitten's Debugging Options"