BattlegroundKS is a lightwieght PvP addon which keeps track of your current kill streak and personal record streak while in a Battleground.

-Show a personal message each time you land a killing blow with a current streak counter and personal record
-Send an emote upon ressurection to nearby players displaying how many players you killed before you died yourself
-Keep track of your best kill streak

New Slash commands:

      /bks, /battlegroundks or /BattlegroundKS followed by
    - highscore, to show your accounts highscores
    - live, to show the live killstreak window
    - config, to open the options menu
    - score, to show the highscore for the current character
    - followed by nothing will close all open windows, or if none are open, display slash command help
    - reset, to reset your Personal Record on this character

~Please rate, comment or post feedback here. This is my first ever AddOn, so be gentle :)