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4.10.0 (2020-10-13)

Full Changelog Previous Releases

  • Update TOC
  • Improve smart targeting for abilities which can target both enemies and friends
    Fixes #33
  • Prevent mouse-over from targeting dead units with harmful spells
  • Pass the Masque button type as appropriate
  • Add the ability to offset actions on an action bar
    This allows, for example, to split a logical action bar into two
    physical shorter bars, re-using the otherwise wasted action slots.
  • Hide the override bar when its not supposed to be active
    This occurs when swapping between blizzard vehicle UI and not after
    being in a vehicle
  • Rename PR workflow
  • Update Classic TOC
  • Add CF API Key to locale import
  • Add locale import to GitHub actions
  • Fetch all commits when packaging for proper history
  • Run luacheck on pull requests
  • Remove travis control file
  • Setup GitHub Actions workflow
  • Increase the frame level of gryphon endcaps in the art bar
    This allows them to sit on top of the XP bar, for the proper blizzard look
    Fixes #10
  • Fix the actionbar state when entering/leaving vehicles without blizzard vehicle UI
  • Use BackdropTemplate on WoW 9.0

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