This is the official plugin package for AzCastBar, which you can find here:



Included Plugins

  • Player Auras (buff, debuff, tracking and weapon enchant timers)
  • Target Auras (same as player auras, but for your target by default, can work as a dottimer)
  • Cooldown Timers (shows spell and ability cooldowns)
  • Global Cooldown Timer (timer for your global cooldown)
  • Loot Roll Timers (replaces the default loot roll windows)
  • Battleground Timers (various battleground timers)
  • Flight Timer (duration of flight path routes)
  • Swing Timer (melee swing and auto shot timer)
  • Totem Timers (timers for totems)
  • Shaman Timers (weapon imbues, elemental shields and other things)
  • Threat Meter (shows your threat on the target mob)
  • Experience (progress bar for experience and reputation gains)

Please Note

It is recommended that you only install the plugins which you need. As some of them might disable things in your user interface, or conflict with other addons that has the same purpose. An example would be the loot roll timers, this plugin disable the normal loot roll windows.