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Season of Discovery: The new Blackfathom Deeps is under Instances in the settings.  Normal is the old 5 player instance only in regular Classic and 10 is the new version in SoD.  The game client considers the new BFD a 10 player instance/dungeon and not an actual raid.

AutoCombatLogger automatically enables or disables the combat log based on location. It's specifically tailored to control the logging based on the raid name and difficulty.

Logging can be controlled for the following locations:

  • Raid (Can be customized per raid, raid size, and difficulty)
  • Instances (Can be customized per instance, current only)
  • Arenas (Can be customized per arena)
  • Battleground (Can be customized per battleground)
  • World
  • Garrison
  • Brawler's Arena

Currently, you cannot customize logging in the world.

It also provides an LDB launcher and a minimap icon to control it.

Options are set under Interface Options or typing /acl.