Equips Carrot on a Stick automatically when mounted

Works with Classic / TBC / WOTLK

UPDATE: Now also supports gloves with Riding enchant and boots with Mithril Spurs.
Supports Azure Silk Belt for increased swim speed and Deepdive Helmet for underwater breathing
Added an optional button to toggle AutoCarrot on/off.
Press ALT key and drag to move AutoCarrot button.

2022-07-12 v2.0:
- TBC Update , add Riding Crop (automatically choose carrot or crop)
- Now works with both trinket slot 1/2, just move the carrot/crop to whichever slot you want
- Fix bug where items weren't swapped properly on some occasions (for example after entering instances/accepting summon)


2022-08-06 v3.0:
- WOTLK Update (disable carrot/crop on level 70+)
- Add option to auto disable on instances/raids/battlegrounds/arenas

/ac enabled 0/1/toggle
/ac ridingGloves 0/1
/ac mithrilSpurs 0/1
/ac swimBelt 0/1
/ac swimHelm 0/1
/ac instance 0/1
/ac button 0/1/reset/scale