AtlasLootClassic Era/SoD



AtlasLootClassic Era/SoD

By: Aleks


AtlasLootClassic fork that provides seamless support for Era and SoD.

  • Updated to support patch 1.15.3 / SoD Phase 4
  • Added support to determine if realm is seasonal, to allow separation of seasonal content and changes.
  • Isolates changes from SoD when on Era or Hardcore realms (When on a non-seasonal Era/Hardcore realm - no seasonal content will be visible.  Alternately when on a seasonal realm content will reflect seasonal updates.  Note: Some items have not been updated, work is on-going to replace all items that have improved seasonal version implemented in Season of Discovery).
  • Data is being populated as it is discovered for SoD Phase 4.

    Any comments, suggestions, issues please leave a comment or visit the GitHub project URL below.  All input and assistance in supporting this project through the end of SoD is appreciated!

    Project located on GitHub


    Main windows in SoD


For full list of features please see: 


 Special thanks to all that contributed including all contributors to the projects listed below: