AdiCastBar is a small, simple casting bar addon.


  • Replace Blizzard casting bar,
  • Player casting bar with integrated latency and pushback display,
  • Channeling ticks for some spells,
  • Big target casting bar,
  • Global cooldown display,
  • Focus casting bar,
  • Pet casting bar,
  • Bars can be moved and slightly configured using the /adicastbar chat command.
  • Alternative bar texture can be selected by using SharedMedia and !SurfaceControl.
  • ConfigMode support.

What it does not do

  • Tradeskill merging (i.e. display several crafts as one),
  • Range coloring,
  • “Mirror” timers (remaining air when swiming underwater, exhaustion, feign death, ...),
  • Profile support,
  • Fancy configuration.