Tracking gold in World of Warcraft

Are you one of those people that at the end of the week, just can't figure out where your gold went?

Do you want to know what your biggest expenses are?

Accountant is an independent Gold tracking addon that tells you exactly how much your trip to the auction has cost you, what you spend on taxi costs, what you have earned from quests and many other things.

Independent tracking

Accountant allows you to sort your income and expense by Total , Monthly, Weekly, and daily earned gold. You can also check where your biggest income is and what you spend most of your gold on.

Quick Start

To open the Accountant window, type /acc into your chat and hit enter or use the minimap icon.

Extra information

Accountant includes a "cache box" that will 'hide' gold from the total displayed in the main window or the LDB. It in no way changes the gold you have.

The money information will be saved for each character on each realm. You must log in to each character before it can be shown in Accountant.

Accountant is Data Broker compliant.

Always make sure you are running the newest version of accountant.

Issues & Features Requests

Please use: https://github.com/tfmonk/Accountant/issues for issues, features or comments


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It's not necessary, but if you feel like supporting the development I'll gladly accept any amount.

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