A collection of configurable tweaks for the default UI in the MMORPG "The Secret World"

What is this?

ElTorqiro_UITweaks is a collection of configurable tweaks and addons for the default UI. It uses a plugin architecture, which allows for in-game enabling/disabling of each plugin, and does not override or modify any of the default game files.

Join the conversation with feedback, bug reports, and update information on the official TSW forums at https://forums.thesecretworld.com/showthread.php?81645-MOD-ElTorqiro_UITweaks


  • Ability Bar FX - Customises the look of the buttons in the ability bar.
  • Bag Lock - Prevents inventory windows being accidentally moved.
  • Black Background Removal - Removes the blurry black background from the bottom of the screen, while still allowing the default "in-combat" indicator to be used.
  • BooDecks Focus Fix - Prevents BooDecks from hijacking all textfields in the game with broken tab handling.
  • Character Sheet Zoom - Locks the character sheet zoom at a selectable level.
  • Fix 4K - [ by Julian Paolo Thiry (Aedani) ] - Fixes inherent problems with the game at 4K resolution.
  • Inspecto Patronum - Redraws inspection windows with new visuals and complete gear stats of the target.
  • Membership Filter - Hides unnecessary membership indicators, such as the icon in nametags.
  • Resize Windows - [ by Julian Paolo Thiry (Aedani) ] - Resizes windows not available in the default settings.
  • State Icons Size - Allows the altered states icons in player and target info panels to be resized or hidden.

Important Notes

  • Each plugin is designed to work with the default UI, thus any custom mods you use that override default UI files will probably cause strange compatibility issues in related plugins. However, since plugins can be enabled independently, you can still use any unaffected plugins on a mix and match basis.


I don't accept real-money donations for my mods. If you would like to show your support, you can do so by sending in-game pax to my character Tufenuf. I will use it to buy the in-game items I would otherwise have been able to grind out myself, if I weren't spending time writing mods.

Please consider supporting the other plugin authors for their hard work!


The mod includes an on-screen icon which can be clicked to bring up a comprehensive configuration panel. If you have Viper's Topbar Information Overload (VTIO) installed, or an equivalent handler, the icon will be available in a VTIO slot.

Check the instructions inside the configuration panel for plugin-specific configuration details. Tip: You can toggle each plugin on/off by double-clicking its entry in the plugin list, as well as using the "Plugin Enabled" checkbox.


The mod is released with CurseMod support, so you can use the Curse client to handle adding and removing it from the game. Manual installation can also be done, as follows:

Manual Installation Ensure the game is closed, then extract only the Flash folder from the zip file into TSWGAMEFOLDER\Data\Gui\Customized

Manual Uninstallation Ensure the game is closed, then delete the folder TSWGAMEFOLDER\Data\Gui\Customized\Flash\ElTorqiro_UITweaks

Source Code

You can get the source from GitHub at https://github.com/eltorqiro/TSW-UITweaks


Aside from the author of the UITweaks framework (ElTorqiro), testing and development of some of the plugins prior to v1.0.0 was carried out by The009, particularly his excellent Target of Target plugin. Thanks go out to him for his ideas and support.

Other mod authors have also contributed plugins to UITweaks (which is awesome). Their names are listed against their plugins in the plugin list. Please encourage and support them if you like their plugins!