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(UPDATE!) This world has been updated with all the new 1.4.4 items, and max 9999 stacks!

"Check chengelog in files!" "And see the new YouTube Update Video Below!"


Are you a Terraria Vet in the midst of a build and simply want the easiest and quickest access, directly to the block/s, item/s, or material/s your after?

Are you new to the game, and would like to start learning about, and building with all Terraria has to offer right from the get go?

Either way, your in the right place!

Allow me to introduce and welcome you to the "SUNV XTRA_ALL ITEMS-1.4+/2022! (PC & MOBILE!) WORLD!"

With this world in your Terraria world's list, you will have access to the "easiest and quickest," "most compact," "1.4+ ALL ITEM'S WORLD" to date!...

(Granted you may need a day to familiarize yourself with the world, "as you would any other!")

Once you have though, the Terraria universe is at your finger tips!

So, get your hands on the "SUNV XTRA_ALL ITEMS-1.4+/2022! (PC & MOBILE!)" world, and start your journey today!...




NEW YOUTUBE UPDATE VIDEO: https://youtu.be/fAd8R6xtkHo



Now, to give an explanation of the inspiration behind this all item's world design, I'd like to first explain my thought process when deciding and planning to build it!

(Please skip/scroll down to the "IMPORTANT INFO!" section if you don't care!)

When planing this all item's world build, my initial thought was not to build an all item's world of my own, but instead to just have an all item's "hub" in the Terraria world I am/was building, ("depending on when your reading this!")

My first thought was to just use "Tedit" to copy and paste all the component's from the (Shout out) "Builders Workshop 1.4" into my own world and then link teleporters to it. But then I started thinking about how I would much rather a more personalized all item's hub suiting my personal preferences a little better in the regards of, how after using the workshop, and many other all item's world's for so long now, and knowing them all so well, and that it was not only pointless when it takes 5 seconds to "save & quit, then just load the workshop as I have been," but also how I would really like to have a much more confined and compact all item's hub anyway (Also not being able to find one!), and overall knowing in the end that I'd be more proud of my world if doing so, I decided to build the "SUNV XTRA_ALL ITEMS-1.4+/2022! (PC & MOBILE!)" world you see here!

All that being said, I decided to just build the "SUNV XTRA_ALL ITEMS-1.4+/2022! (PC & MOBILE!)" world, then use Tedit to copy my own component's instead, (That way, not only would I have the "confined & compact" all item's hub I was after, but I'd also have the satisfaction of knowing I did it myself!)

Plus, as a bonus for those whom will see it as such, I decided to create an all item's world out of it for the convenience of anyone else who would like an all item's world that gets straight to the point instead of having all the extravagant item display's! Don't get me wrong, I really enjoy the architecture, and the extravagant display's really help when first learning all the item's. But, after playing Terraria for so long, and using the infamous all item's world's for nearly just as long. I was starting to wish for a much more convenient way of accessing the already well known item's I was after without having to travel through dozens of extravagant display's and/or teleporters to do so, hence the "SUNV XTRA_ALL ITEMS-1.4+/2022! (PC & MOBILE!) WORLD!"

With that out of the way, and while (like most) I would like to take all the credit, and while I did accomplish this feat alone. I couldn't possibly release this without giving credit to "Jbro129" for his incredible work on his all item's world, and of course, "Tel" for his excellent work on the Builders Workshop 1.4! Without the extensive knowledge I had gained while using they're all item's world's over the years, this accomplishment would have been so much harder and taken a lot longer. Also with the help of pasting in Tedit, instead of filling my chest's using Tedit (because it was taking way too long), I just pasted all of the workshop components to my build world and then manually transferred all the item's in game. So again, a big thank you to Tel! (If there is an easier way to do this I couldn't work it out, and as I said "Filling the chest's in Tedit alone was taking way too long!")

Anyway, that is where the inspiration for the "SUNV XTRA_ALL ITEMS-1.4+/2022! (PC & MOBILE!)" world come from.

As a result, I feel we all now have access to the Earths smallest, most confined and compact, easiest and quickest, straight to the point, all item's Terraria 1.4+ world, with the simple convenience that any Terraria Vet and/or experienced player can take full advantage of! Even better, the newbie's will also feel right at home after they're first day exploring the "SUNV XTRA_ALL ITEMS-1.4+/2022! (PC & MOBILE!) WORLD!"



When navigating the "SUNV XTRA_ALL ITEMS-1.4+/2022! (PC & MOBILE!)" world, because of the layout, you will have to equip the provided accessory and weapon (if not already equipped) in order to reach some of the chest's! (Sign's are in place to clearly guide you with any concerns while in-game as well!)

This is due to some of the chest's being out of the default interaction range! Also, (weather your aware of it or not), "mannequin's" are bugged in all Terraria worlds in the way of rendering "placement range extension accessories" useless when in a certain range of them, (Hence the weapon as well)! (Note: If using the Journey Mode SUNV XTRA_ALL ITEMS-1.4+/2022! (PC & MOBILE!) world, you can just extend your placement range in the Journey Mode power settings! (AGAIN: Sign's are in place to clearly guide you with any concerns while in-game as well!)

(Note: You don't have to use the provided weapon & accessory, you can use your own!)

(The reason you may not notice this bug in other all item's world's is because they either placed all the effected chest's within the default three block radius, or any of they're chest's outside of the default three block radius are placed outside of the effected mannequin area as well!)



On another note, I would like to point out the precautions one should proceed with when interacting with the toggle switch for the XTRA sign made out of purple Gemspark directly at spawn.

(The toggle switch is located at the end of the "TOOLS & WEAPONS" level!)

The XTRA sign is switched off by default, though please take note of the provided in-game sign if you would like to interact with it. With this warning given, I will not be held responsible for anyone's XTRA sign malfunctioning!

The purpose of the XTRA sign is for nothing more then aesthetic reasons and in will no way effect the purpose of the SUNV XTRA_ALL ITEMS-1.4+/2022! (PC & MOBILE!) world, or it's game play!

When the XTRA sign toggle switch is turned on, it will activate the circuit to re-light the XTRA sign whenever a player teleports into or out of the all item's hub, as well as whenever the world is loaded!

(On that note, you will notice on the provided in-game sign that it states "not to quit out within five seconds of loading the game, or when the circuit is active!") With that being said, the SUNV XTRA_ALL ITEMS-1.4+/2022! (PC & MOBILE!) world has a "World Load Detector" incorporated into it as part of the XTRA sign circuit. The World Load Detector will activate every time you load the world and take two and a half seconds to complete, "hence why I suggest not quitting within five seconds of loading the world." But again, the worst that can happen is your XTRA sign will not work anymore. It's not that big of a deal, but I figured I should mention it!

Also, I'm sure you can understand why you shouldn't quit the game while the circuit is active, hint: it's the same reason you shouldn't turn your console off while saving!

Anyway, enjoy the completely useless and severely over engineered decoration, I give you, the "XTRA" sign!...  



When first loading into the SUNV XTRA_ALL ITEMS-1.4+/2022! (PC & MOBILE!) world, you will spawn on the upper of eight level's forming the central hub of the all item's complex "essentially, this central hub is all one would need." I could have stopped here, as this is all I need! (The rest is for the world creation, aesthetics, decoration, and as to not leave anything out as an all item's world in general!)

Anyway, lets proceed shall we?

From the central hub, you will be greeted with the eight aforementioned level's, each consisting of two rooms each "one on each side each level," apart from the bottom level which is one room divided on two sides!

These fifteen rooms in total contain all the Terraria item's. The rest of the all item's complex consist's of extra room's containing other things, such as all the NPC's, and also, costume, armour, painting, and furniture set preview area's. As well as a central storage hub with access to each individual all item's level for your personal sorting and storage!

You can gain access to the NPC's as well as the storage hub by either jumping up from the top level, or holding down on the bottom level, or by utilizing any of the all item room teleporters. You can gain access to either outside from the top level teleporters of the storage hub, or you can make your way back into the central all item's hub!

To access the aforementioned costume, armour, paintings, or furniture set preview area room's. Make your way to the corresponding all item's level and use the provided teleporters!...



You are able to gain access to all the world download's from the "Files" page of this submission. In the files page you will find download links for every game mode of this world for both Mobile and PC!


MASTER Mode All Item's Hub Download: https://legacy.curseforge.com/terraria/maps/sunv-xtra_all-items-1-4-2022-mobile-pc/files

EXPERT Mode All Item's Hub Download: https://legacy.curseforge.com/terraria/maps/sunv-xtra_all-items-1-4-2022-mobile-pc/files/4364487

CLASSIC Mode All Item's Hub Download: https://legacy.curseforge.com/terraria/maps/sunv-xtra_all-items-1-4-2022-mobile-pc/files/4364486

JOURNEY Mode All Item's Hub Download: https://legacy.curseforge.com/terraria/maps/sunv-xtra_all-items-1-4-2022-mobile-pc/files/4364488