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Dark Souls Adventure Map: The Story of Red Cloud



The Story of Red Cloud is a massive Dark Souls-inspired adventure built inside the world of Terraria using a custom map, mod and companion soundtrack.


Developed over 6 years, your 1-4 player journey will span 18 dungeons spread across an expansive, hand-crafted open world, offering a 20 to 30+ hr experience for a first playthrough.


For fun, you can watch the trailer for the original 2012 version here.




1. Download the map here.

2. Download tModLoader from Steam if you don't have it: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1281930/tModLoader/

3. Subscribe to the Red Cloud mod on the TML Workshop page: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2824879484

4. On the main menu screen, click the text prompt to download the Music Mod.

5. Create a new classic character (named Red Cloud for the story but each player should be named differently for MP).

6. Select The Story of Red Cloud when you get to the World menu (yes, downloading the map from Curse Forge just helps us gain visibility here. :)



*Companion Soundtrack with 59 songs! (Dark Souls, Elden Ring and Zelda fans will love it)
*42 bosses (17 vanilla plus 25 mod bosses)
*100+ new NPCS including 8 friendly NPCs
*Over 800 new mod items, weapons, and armors, both original and remixed from two dozen of the best classic mods from the community
*Dark Souls game mechanics, including bonfire save points and the dodge roll
*The mod enforces old-school adventure map rules, so if you can do it, it's okay to do it!
*800+ chests to loot, containing almost every item in base Terraria



The game is fully polished up to the end of the main story (defeating Attraidies). Development is currently focused on balancing and revamping the sizeable post-Attraidies content. We recommend waiting to play this third chapter when we're out of beta, unless you'd like to be a part of the journey to 1.0.



Join our discord to discuss the mod and give feedback:

-Please share mod-related feedback and suggestions under #any-suggestions or #bug-reports.

-Post map feedback to #map-suggestions-bugs.

-The changelogs can be found under #mod-changelog and #map-changelog.

-TSORC holds many secrets. If you have questions, post them to #map-questions or #mod-questions.

-Share Let's Plays or video recordings of your playthrough in #tsorc-media.




*On death, you will drop all your Dark Souls and have one chance to recover them. For a more forgiving experience, you can turn this off in the mod's Config options.

*The new dodge roll action with i-frames is an essential part of TSORC. It can be bound to any key in TModLoader's controller settings, under the mod section. Left Shift works well, with Left Alt being Auto Select.

*Multiplayer is supported for 4 players. Class diversity is recommended. Post issues you find under #bug-reports. Thanks!

*Go to #tips in our Discord for more game hints




The original Story of Red Cloud was released in 2012 by Tim Hjersed and was in development for 2 years. The Revamp project started in 2020, with the help of Zeodexic, Recursive Collapse and others. Since then it has been fully ported to TModLoader and Terraria 1.4 with a huge map overhaul, significant upgrades to the mod, and dozens of new songs added to the custom soundtrack! It's currently still in BETA, as there's still many bosses we want to revamp.






-Video playthroughs

-Comments & reviews

-Map remixes*

*Adventure map creators are welcome to borrow or remix assets from the map in their own creations - just include credit to Tim Hjersted somewhere and let me know so I can check it out! I'm a big fan of remix culture.



Vibrent#7623 on Discord.com



You can donate to the documentary library I co-founded:





"This is an AMAZING game. It's one of the best Metroidvanias I've ever played. Nothing since Castlevania: DoS and Metroid Fusion kept me this entertained. I've been lost in hours from playing this game." - Xcyper33


"Your mod is absolutely astounding. I've been playing it for a few days now and am definitely looking forward to your next update! The amount of work and effort put forth in this project really shows, and the result is nothing short of spectacular." - Clutch

"Story of Red Cloud is something I consider to be the best mod-custom map combo in the history of Terraria."  - Azure Alph

"This is literally the best map I've played for Terraria. It feels like a game on its own." - Ziggerath

"I've always been a huge fan of TSORC (6+ completions)" - Boooo

"You did an amazing job with this map and mod, making something so freaking good. Words can't describe how much I enjoyed it the first time, and how glad I am that it exists. The custom soundtrack got me to watch Princess Mononoke, one of my new favorite movies, and your mod convinced me to try [Legend of Zelda] and [Dark Souls], which are now some of my favorite games too." - Kariemelhanan000

"Your adventure map brought me a lot of joy even though I couldn't beat the final boss and thus not enter superhardmode." - Melly the WM

"The Story Of Red Cloud is one of the most impressive and ambitious mods to be released so far... the world [is] is well designed, and the many dungeons are complex, multi-layered things with plenty of switches, mechanisms, traps, blind drops and obstacles." - Dominic Tarason, IndieGameMag.com


Voted "Best Map - July 2013" by the Terraria Forum Community




The map was created entirely by Tim Hjersted. The mod is a true "community mod," with contributions from over 50 modders. Read the full credits here.  





-5 new end-game dungeons
-major changes to every prior dungeon, village, and select areas of the game
-dodge roll action, bonfires as save points, bonfire fast travel
-"bearer of the curse" mode (includes estus flask, stamina meter and lots more)
-major tile, wall and sprite updates across the entire map utilizing Terraria 1.4 assets
-almost all new weapons, armor, potions and accessories from vanilla 1.2-1.4 added
-multiple new mini-biomes (ice, desert, crimson, marble, beehive, granite) added to existing dungeons
-new/altered paths, shortcuts, and tweaks to several existing dungeons
-item rebalancing in almost all chests
-added 1.2-1.4 vanilla bosses
-companion music soundtrack updated with 59 songs
-many quality of life enhancements, new content, and other features added to the mod