Now who would get all dressed up in a farm like that? Me, that's who.

There are currently over 70+ pieces for you to choose from (see images to know what are included in this FS pack), all recolorable. Although, these parts don't necessarily have to be used to make anything alternative fashion-like. Do whatever you'd like and have fun with what your creativity comes up with! The sleeves work for both female and male farmer sprites (the sleeves have two versions).

I am very aware that alternative fashion is a very broad style and I obviously didn't make every single item that are usually used in that style. The pieces I chose for this set are based on the more "modern" iteration of this style and this is what I personally do use (yes, I unironically dress a bit like an e-girl o3o). Although, mix and matching these pieces with other mods and changing the colors could help if you have a more specific style in mind (such as my Coats and Jackets FS pack *coughcough*). :)

I also realize that my pleated skirt is way too similar to Wabiii's FS Simple farmers dresses ;-; (go download more mods from them because they have a lot more clothing mods and more!)

As of version 1.0, there are 32 in the Accessories category, 20 in the Shirts category11 in the Hats category9 in the Pants category and 2 in the Sleeves category.

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