[CP] More Penny Heart Events


Already finished Events:

1 Heart Event:

 Tree Event:

  • (In Town; from 8:00am to 12:30pm; on Monday, Thursday or Sunday; in Spring or Fall; sunny weather needed) 
  • You walk by Penny's reading spot in the town.
  • You have the chance to get to know her better by talking with her a bit.
  • If you choose to "ignore" her, Sam will come and comfort her.
  • (is possible to gain 20 or lose 20 friendship points with Penny)


2 Heart Event:

Playground Event:

  • (In Town; from 1:00pm to 5:00pm; on Saturday; any Season; sunny weather needed)
  • Penny is having trouble with Jas and Vincent at the playground.
  • You approach her to help her out by offering to play with the kids.
  • Both kids are very eager to play hide and seek with you. After a quick fade to black both kids are happy again and play a bit by themselves.
  • Penny compliments your way to handle the situation and thanks you.
  • (it is possible to gain 40 or lose 40 friendship points with Penny)
  • (it is possible to gain 150 or lose 100 friendship points with Vincent)
  • (it is possible to gain 100 or lose 150 friendship points with Jas)


3 Heart Event:

A passion for literature Event:

  • (In the Museum; from 11:00am to 14:00pm; on Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday; any Season; sunny weather needed)
  • Gunther and Penny are talking in the museum
  • Gunther suggests that Penny shows you around the library
  • Penny shows you around and you learn about her love for literature and her dream to one day have her own library.
  • one of Penny's favorite books drops on the floor (what will you do?)
  • Penny will send you a summary of her favorite book 'Lilly growing up' by mail
  • (it is possible to gain upto 70 or lose upto 30 friendship points with Penny, with many outcomes in between eg. choosing the top answer eche time will give 60 points while choosing the bottom answer eche time will give -20 points) 


4 Heart Event:

Helping out as a Teacher Event:

  • (In Town; from 9:00am to 12:00pm; on Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday; any Season; Letter from Event 3 has to be read; sunny weather needed)
  • Penny waits for you in front of museum to invites you to come teach a lesson at the museum alongside her.
  • You correct the children's homework regarding Penny's favorite book, alongside Penny
  • you will have the chance to look at the summary again
  • (it is possible to gain upto 60 or lose upto 30 friendship points with Penny)


5 Heart Event:

Vulnerable at the Picnic/To late for the Picnic:

  • (On Time: In the Forest; from 2:00pm to 7:20pm; any Season; sunny weather needed)
  • (To Late: In the Forest; from 7:30pm to 0:00am; any Season; sunny weather needed)
  • Penny sends you an invitation to a picnic by mail (triggers when Penny is at 5 hearts at the end of a day).
  • You either get there on time or come too late (I recommend trying both if you plan on replaying).
  • both situation have the chance for Penny to open up to you about her father.
  • she come close to you
  • (it is possible to gain some friendship points or lose some or even a lot friendship points)


6 Heart Event:

Motherly Beach Day:

  • (In Town; from 8:30am to 5:00pm; only in Spring, Summer or Fall; sunny weather needed)
  • You run into Penny in the north part of town
  • She invites you to walk with her to the beach
  • You build a sand castle together, just like Penny used to build with her mother
  • Penny opens up to you about her struggles with her mother
  • You to bond over building a silly sand castle together (the sand castle is my first attempt at pixel art :3)
  • (it is possible to gain 40 or lose upto 500 friendship points with Penny)


7 Heart Event:

Penny's Home Library:

  • (In Trailer/Pam's Big House; anytime Penny is at home)
  • (ONLY TRIGGERS if you choose to support her starting her own book collection at 3 heart event)
  • Penny is showing you her home library
  • Penny feels conflicted to spend money on book's
  • Pam interrupts and screams at Penny
  • Will you stand up for Penny?
  • (possible to gain upto 30 or loose 250 friendship points with Penny)
  • (possible to gain upto 50 or loose 750 friendship points with Pam)


8 Heart Event:

Sad Moment At The Bus Stop:

  • (At Bus Stop; anytime; weather has to be rainy; ONLY WHEN BUS IS NOT FIXED YET)
  • You find Penny standing in the rain
  • Penny opens up to you about her struggles regarding her mother losing control of her life
  • (possible to gain 60 or lose 200 or lose 1000 friendship points with Penny)


9 Heart Event:

Penny's First Ever Date:

  • Penny visits you at the farm on a sunny morning to ask you out
  • (At Bus Stop; from 8:00PM to 9:00pm; Penny has to ask you out before)
  • (Depending on your money some options will be locked, talk to Penny after she asks you out for ticket price information)
  • You and Penny drive to a movie theater in Zuzu City.
  • After having a nice movie date you walk Penny back home
  • (possible to gain upto 100 or lose upto 1000 friendship points with Penny)


10 Heart Event:

Love in the Museum Event:

  • (In the Museum; from 12:00pm to 2:00pm; on Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday; any Season; sunny weather needed; Penny's Bathhouse Event has to be encountered and the player had to make the good choice)
  • You will visit Penny at one of her tutoring sessions with Jas and Vincent in the museum.
  • Penny formally announces your relationship status. The kids are happy.
  • You teach with Penny. After that she sends the kids to Gunther to get their new textbooks.
  • In the newfound privacy she pours out her feelings for you.
  • You may Kiss her in respond or just say thank you...
  • (it is possible to gain 0 or lose 70 friendship points with Penny)
  • (it is possible to gain 10 or 20 friendship points with Jas and Vincent)




Penny's Dream of becoming a better Teacher (Part One):

  • (In the farmhouse, while Penny is there; from 8:00am to 7:00pm; 11 Hearts with Penny; have minimum 3000g; no festivals for the next 4 days)
  • Penny ask you about a course she wants to take to become a better teacher.
  • The course will sent Penny away for 3 day and will cost you 3000g.
  • if you don't choose to sent Penny to the course the questline will end here.

  • the next day will start with you say goodbye to Penny
  • People in town will comment on this event the following day (Pam, Vincent, Jas and Jodi)

  • Penny will be gone for 3 days.
  • You will get one letter from her the day before her return.
  • After these 3 day, your next day will start with you picking Penny up from the bus stop.
  • Penny tells you about the course and that she would need some things to apply what she learned.



Penny's Dream of becoming a better Teacher (Part Two):

  • You get a quest to find something: ...to take photos with, ...to type with, and ...to calculate with.
  • You will need to befriend Haley, Elliott and Maru (each to 3 Hearts) and then visit them while they are at home

  • After collecting everything you get a new quest: Surprise Penny at home.
  • Enter the farmhouse between 6:10am and 10:00pm while Penny is there.
  • You will present you items to Penny and she will be very thankful
  • People in town will comment on this event the following day (Pam, Vincent, Jas and Jodi)


My thoughts and comments:

  • I am thinking about adding more post marriage events, but it seems harder to implement in a way it makes sense.
  • I am dyslexic and english is my 3rd language... so I am happy if find any type of error/mistake and let me know.
  • huge thanks to the Stardew Valley Community on the wiki, subReddit and nexusMods <3; The documentation is very good to get started even tho writing events is pretty hard at first (I am getting better bit by bit)
  • if you have ideas for additional events, please let me know (i will credit you in the mod documentation)

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