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Skyrim Shadows and FPS Fix


I am doing mods, videos, & more work online full-time now & want to upgrade existing modifications, plus, create more! This includes finishing Ourorax: Remastered.

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Skyrim: Shadow Striping Fix Mod v3.6
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (Ultra Settings)

Check out the instructional video if you need to:

This is a modification that has been through extensive research, and development. The purpose of this mod is to increase your framerate, smooth gameplay, remove striping, and improve shadow quality. For further increase in performance, please use "Skyrim: No Shadows and FPS Fix."

Install by replacing the code in your '.ini' files, if the code is not already there to replace,
then you must add it under the correct category as shown in the instructions.
1. The 'My Games' folder's contents go into the 'Skyrim' folder found in your 'Documents.'
2. The '.ini' files must be made 'read-only.'

  • Remember to make back-up copies of your '.ini' files before making changes.

1. Make sure to leave the files as 'read only,' within their respective 'properties.' Modifications can be
made by removing the 'read-only' attribute, and then setting it to 'read-only' afterwards. Otherwise the
game will change these settings, and the fix will no longer work.
2. In the settings options in Skyrim the shadows will be on 'Low,' this is normal. The changes will be in
effect so long as you changed them. The shadow quality will be better, yet display as 'Low' in the configurations
if done correctly. Make sure to have the '.ini' files set to 'read-only,' as to prevent changes caused by playing.

This is Why I Don't Use NexusMods:


Watch the Video!

A solution to the major frame rate loss caused by the shadows being rendered via our computer processors.

-This will increase your frame rate
-This will improve your shadows.
-This will remove striping.

Always give credit, and never upload this file anywhere else.
Creator, Tester, and Developer:
Jaime Orlando D474 Cazares Valdez

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