The "Stay Open" Update


T.O.O.L. stands for "Takes Objects Off Lot", and while it can absolutely do that, many players use it on the lot as an advanced building tool.

TOOL grants builders complete control over object position, elevation, rotation, and scale. 

Ever seen a build that had leaning picture frames? Throw pillows on the couch? Maybe a rug hung on the wall as a tapestry?
They used TOOL to do it.

You can get as complex as you want with it, some players build entire vehicles and buildings from tons of smaller objects cleverly altered with TOOL.

TOOL only works in live mode by itself, but if you also install Better BuildBuy you can use TOOL in build mode for a much more convenient experience.


TOOL Build Mode Quick-Start
  • Better BuildBuy must also be installed.
  • The usage is the same as regular TOOL, except you will automatically be placed in TOOL mode any time the TOOL dialog is open.
  • Toggle TOOL in build mode by pressing Shift+T
  • In addition, shift+clicking surfaces will automatically place a group box marker. This can be used in combination with the Toggle Group button to highlight many objects at once.
  • When the TOOL extension is open, ctrl+z and ctrl+y will handle the TOOL undo/redo instead of the buildbuy undo/redo.  Buildbuy undo still works when TOOL is closed.
  • If you're new to TOOL entirely, refer to my original tutorial.

TOOL Live Mode Quick-Start
  • No other mods are required.
  • Need to enter testingcheats true or you can optionally force it always on using my AlwaysTesting mod.
  • Shift+click objects for TOOL menu
  • Shift+click surfaces for TOOL options menus.
  • If you're new to TOOL entirely, refer to my original tutorial.

Below are a series of tutorials that will help you get started with TOOL. Their chapters are timestamped so if you already know some of it, feel free to skip to the part you need.

Build Mode Tutorial:
(Requires Better BuildBuy)

Live Mode & Basics Tutorial:


Tips & Tricks: