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Have you ever decorated your spas with a bunch of incense burners and wished that someone would actually use them? This mod makes spa employees light the incense for you.

Mod Functionality
This mod makes spa employees light incense, if they are idling and don't have other work to do. This is very similar to the other spa staff idle interactions like restocking the fizzy drink tray, cleaning the aquarium, reading books etc.

Incense will be lit by

  • massage therapists
  • massage chair attendants
  • yoga instructors

To make this interaction more immersive I changed it so that it is no longer an immediate interaction but a normal interaction, so ALL sims will have to walk to the incense burner object in order to light it.

Packs required
You need to have Spa Day.

Unzip and drag the package file into your Sims 4 Mods directory.

This mod just changes the interactions to light the different types of incense, so it's extremely unlikely to be in conflict with other mods.