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Hello and welcome. This is the first mod I created, allowing our sims to sleep naked. Let me walk you through the whole thing!

Sims Can Sleep Naked Now:

Just by clicking the new "Sleep Naked" interaction on any bed of the game, the sim will take their clothes off and start sleeping naked.

Energy 2X Faster:

If a Sim sleeps naked, they will recover their energy twice as fast:

A Mosaic of Buffs/Moodlets:

They get a new buff/moodlet every time they sleep in the nudes:

Plus, they will get three more buffs/moodlets if they keep doing it regularly:

New Social Interaction:

By sleeping naked, the Sims will unlock new social interactions, getting specific responses every time:

New Body Confidence Dynamic, in Progress:

Also included with this mod, there's a new "Body Confidence Dynamic" that aims to add more depth to your Sims' lives. More updates are on the way, but for now, let's focus on what's available. I've added two new social interactions:

Discuss Body Confidence:

This is a friendly interaction that you can find in the "Interests" category:

When two Sims engage in the 'Discuss Body Confidence' interaction, each one of them gets a buff. The cool part? These buffs can vary based on the mood of the conversation and how well they're getting along at the moment; adding a dynamic twist to their social lives:

At the same time as the buffs, your Sims will also see different dialogues pop up. And guess what? There are 15 different responses they could get based on their relationship and current behaviors, making every interaction uniquely engaging. Some examples below:

Criticize Physical Appearance

This is a mean interaction that you can find in the "Malicious" category:

After initiating the 'Criticize Physical Appearance' interaction, each Sim gets a buff. And just like the previous interaction, these buffs can differ based on the current vibe between the two. Take a look below to see all the possible buffs your Sims could end up with:

In addition to the buffs, your Sims will also see different dialogue responses, adding even more variety to the interaction with 8 unique responses. Take a look below to see what might pop up:

Future updates will expand on this Body Confidence Dynamic, seamlessly integrated into your Sleep Naked experience. Stay tuned for what's ahead.

Sleep Naked Not Just in Beds:

Sleeping naked is not limited to beds only, your Sims can perform this interaction in Coffins, Tents, and Sleeping Bags as well:

đź’–Support and Patreonđź’–

If you enjoy the Sleep Naked Mod and want to support its ongoing development, consider joining my Patreon community. Your support enables me to dedicate more time and resources to improving and expanding my mods, ensuring an even more immersive experience for all Simmers. Thank you!