Art Appraiser
Required Pack: Get Together
Other Requirements: Art Exhibition Event and XML Injector


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Career Levels
Eager Artist
Savvy Scanner
Junior Consigner
Master Transporter

Appraisal Branch
Apprentice Appraiser
Snooty Surveyor
Conservation Specialist
Master Authenticator

Acquisition Branch
Apprentice Counterfeiter
Cartoon Counterfeiter
Signature Sneak
Master Forger

Promotion Tasks
Throw an Art Show Event
Create Art Club
Max Painting Skill
View 10 Pieces of Art
Paint a Painting
Sell 10 Paintings

Work from home task
Buy an Easel
Paint 2 Paintings
Paint a Mural
Discuss Color Theory
Paint From Reference
Have Art Lover or Artist Trait
Paint using Sketchpad

Sims with a Degree in Art History will jump to the Master Transporter level.