All Rounder Aspiration
Required Packs: City Living, Fitness Stuff, Get Together and Spa Day

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Swimming Guru
Swim in Pool
Start a Swimming Club
Swim Laps Four Times

Exercise Guru
Go Jogging
Do some Rock Climbing (Gentle Incline)
Reach Level 5 Fitness Skill

Do Some Yoga
Buy a Yoga Mat
Attend 3 Yoga Classes
Do Private Yoga at Home
Reach Level 5 Wellness Skill

All-Rounder Expert
Max Fitness Skill
Max Wellness Skill
Mentor a Sim in Fitness

Go Swimming
Go for a Jog
Buy a Rock Climbing Wall
Level up in Fitness Skill
Level up in Wellness Skill
Buy a Yoga Mat
Do a Yoga Routine
Discuss Fitness Techniques 
Discuss Fitness Techniques at Gym

Reward Trait
High Metabolism Trait and 5000 Dollars