I needed a rustic, matching set for kitchen and bath. This set is mostly made of edits of Zxtas conversions 

They use her fabulous textures and palette, as a base (edited for some of the items).
Set consists of:
1. A stove, bigger model
2. A stove, smaller model
3. Rustic counters, (3a: Rustic Clover, 3b: Rustic Wizard) edited from TSM end tables. They don't have all the modern counter options that Sims 4 modern counters have - they have 1 model, but otherwise full functionality and many slots.
4. There are also 1 corner piece, fully functional, to use in corners.
5. And there are 2 counters specifically made for 45 degrees corners - to use in the towers of castles. Or to combine with the included
6. Edited Rustic Peasant bar - edited to fit with these counters.

7. A humble Round Rustic Kitchen Buffet, for those occasions when you just don't want to cook. Equipped with Coolspears tuning - All foods in game available. There is also a second version with normal EA tuning - you can have both if you want to.

8. A sink, frankenmeshed with the Rustic Clover Counter and the Peasants Sink Bucket from TSM.

9. A potty, also a frankenmesh. Equipped with MO70's medieval toilet tuning.

10. A Rustic Peasant Bath Tub.

11. A Rustic Peasant Trash Bin, with Nano Can tuning - no need to empty. 

12. Wooden Larder - 2 versions, BGC or Cottage Living.

All items work off-the-grid.