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Its been a labour of love during the shorter month of February, but I'm excited to finally be able to share the second instalment of the Coastal Collection! This part focuses in on the Coastal outdoors. There were so many build items that I wanted to include in part one, that I actually decided to dedicate an entire extra month to get all the items on the original list...I still didn't achieve the goal, but I came pretty close!

The highlight of the month for me was the creation of the playhouse. It took 5 days to complete from start to finish, but I was so happy with the end result and its just one of those once in a lifetime items that shall never be repeated again, so its worth putting all that effort into. 


There are quite a few items that do have pack requirements this month as there are mostly activity items for you toddlers, kids and soon to be introduced infants. The Sand Pit works just like a rug and can be placed anywhere you wish. Sand can be painted on the terrain to add the functionality of a real sand pit if you own the Island Living EP or if you only have Base Game it can be a great decorative piece for story telling. The Playhouse requires Dream Home Decorator as it works just like the play tent that was introduced in that pack. Lastly the Fire Pit requires Outdoor Retreat for full functionality.


You can find the majority of the items by searching COASTAL in the BB catalogue, however these will not show the column & 2 wallpapers that are included in the set.


The set includes:

  • Arbour 
  • Wedding Arch
  • Bucket & Spade
  • Chippendale Fence (1 tile, 2 tile, post & stair railing)
  • Lattice Fence (2 tile & post)
  • Lattice Gate
  • Functional Column
  • Exterior Trim (middle, inner corner, outer corner, left & right endings)
  • Fire Pit
  • Water Feature
  • Playhouse
  • Sand Pit (Large & Small)
  • Shingle Wallpaper
  • Siding Wallpaper
  • Outdoor Seating (sofa, loveseat & armchair)
  • Outdoor Coffee Table
  • Outdoor End Table


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