Spoons - Part 3

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Here it is the third and final part of spoons and the last set of 2021!

This past month I have been focusing on creating items that work perfectly in a restaurant setting. Of course I know not everyone wants to build restaurants, so the large majority of the items included would also work perfectly in other community lots or your Sims' homes too.


Set includes:

  • Sectional Sofa (30 swatches in woven & leather textures)
  • Host Station (Requires Dine Out GP)
  • Corner Booth (Requires Dine Out GP)
  • Straight Booth (Requires Dine Out GP)
  • Restaurant Tables (1 tile, 2 tile, 3 tile & 6 seater round)
  • Bar (4 tiles)
  • Hanging Strip Light (Tall, Medium & Short)
  • Modern Wooden Panelling Wallpaper
  • Modern Art Canvases (3 pieces)


I can confirm that the booths do require Dine Out to be fully functional, but they will place down in your game and snap to tables if you only have base game. Unfortunately the interactions and animations are all tied to the GP, so they will be purely decorative if you don't have Dine Out installed.


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