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Custom abilities test map

Your view initially centers on Tassadar.

Tassadar has the following abilities:

  1. Spiral (Data, Triggers)
  2. Lightning Stream (Data)
  3. Lightning (Data)
  4. Dash (Data, Triggers)
  5. Kamehameha (Data)
  6. Hellzone Grenade (Data, Triggers)
  • Spiral is a finished work. Spiral launches icy missiles that travel in a spiral. Each initial missile launches missiles at nearby targets.
  • Lightning Stream is a nearly finished work. Lightning Stream jumps from target to target, dealing damage to each target. Lightning Stream does not deal damage along the path of the beam. There are some issues with this ability revisiting a target (target markers and search effects question).
  • Lightning is a finished work. Lightning now does intermittent damage along the path of the beam.
  • Dash is a work in progress. Dash is based on "The Adventures of Goku Firebat" by zenx1.
  • Kamehameha is a finished work. Kamehameha deals intermittent damage along the path of the beam. Kamehameha is based on "The Adventures of Goku Firebat" by zenx1.
  • Hellzone Grenade is a nearly finished work. Hellzone Grenade is based on Piccolo's ability from Dragon Ball Z. Tassadar launches a number of projectiles that hover at the target destination. Tassadar then detonates each projectile to create a dazzling effect, damaging units in the target area. I'd like to update Hellzone Grenade with a more advanced path of motion that unifies the two current motion phases. The initial phase outro is an arc trajectory followed by a second motion phase that is a linear trajectory. I'd like to unify these two trajectories into one arced trajectory. I also plan to update Hellzone Grenade with an initial cast visual to accompany the time dilation affect applied to units in the area of effect.

Nova (left) is the second casting unit.

Nova has the following abilities:

  1. Gravity Grenade (Data)
  2. Bola (Data)
  3. Snare (Data)
  4. Inferno (Data)
  5. Grappling Spike (Data)
  6. Sentry (Data, Triggers)
  7. Swarm Mine Tower (Data)
  • Gravity Grenade is a finished work. Gravity Grenade creates a sphere wherein missiles are slowed and eventually removed. Gravity Grenade now gradually reduces missile speed before removing the missiles. Gravity Grenade is based on a WDE submissions by Kueken531 and one Chiquihuite.
  • Bola is probably a finished work. Bola creates gouts of flame that rotate and incinerate targets.
  • Snare is probably a finished work. Units caught in the path of the snare field are stunned for the duration of the ability.
  • Inferno is a work in progress. With this ability, I wanted to create a set of missile launches that wove an interesting fire trail. Enemy units struck by the missiles suffer damage. I plan to add a damage over time fire effect to match persistent impact flames on damaged targets.
  • Grappling Spike is a finished work. Nova targets an area, and up to three targets in the area are designated. Nova launches a grappling spike, a missile with a linear trajectory. The targets initially designated are grabbed by the grappling spike, and pulled along behind the spike. It's possible that I will add the possibility of a unit being pulled over the cliff and suffering damage.
  • Sentry is a nearly finished work. Sentry creates an effect akin to a laser trip mine. Nova places two turrets. The two turrets recognize one another and rotate to create a pair of beams between them. Enemy units that move into the path of these beams suffer major damage.
  • Swarm Mine Tower is a work in progress. The Swarm Mine Tower periodically generates Swarm Mines (like Spider Mines). These mines seek and destroy targets in the area. Currently I have not been able to convince the Swarm Mines to burrow on account of unit morph. Spider Mines achieve their burrow effect by morphing into a second unit. Unfortunately this morph causes the Swarm Mine Tower to no longer detect the Swarm Mines as a unit in its Magazine. I'd also like to limit the number of Magazine launches per attack/target. Currently the Swarm Tower launches all of its mines with any attack launch. I'd like to limit each attack launch to something like 4. If I manage to alter the number of mines launched with each attack, I'll give the tower a more advanced targeting system so that multiple targets are acquirable (opposed to sending all mines or some mines at a single target).

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