Jurassic Park Survival 1.0

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Voting-system: Works probably now.

Survivor-status: Survivor dies probably now.

Camera-system: Optimized for all players.

Building-placement: Building on cliffs blocked.

Various: Small bugfixes.


Jig-Ai: Movement changed from flying to floating.

Jig-Ai: Can only built once per survivor.

Dinosaurs: Increased health of dinosaurs.

Difficulty: Optimized all difficulties.

Buildings: Some prices are changed.

Interface Button: Button color changed.

Gameplay: Performance slightly increased.

Music: Soundtrack changed.

Various: Small changes.


Housing: Repair Robot added.

Resource: Fifth resource added.

Dinosaur-mode: After death you will be playing in the Dinosaur-mode.

Buildings: Transmitter and Bar implemented.

Interface Button: Sound FX button added.

Interface Button: Changelog button added.

Interface Button: Credits added.

Interface Button: Suicide button added.

Gameplay: Ally-System implemented.

Gameplay: Rescue Signal implemented.

Dinosaur: Endboss implemented.

Various: Small bonus features implemented.

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