I made this map for my little sister and I to play on once she gets her own minecraft account. However, I thought I did really good on this build, so I wanted to share it with all of Minecraftia. Enjoy the castle and farm. I left the mine unfinished because my little sister doesn't know how to play and I wanted to teach her.




I used the INVICTUS texture pack, and I am not sure how different the build will look without it. So, my advise is to please use that texture pack.




Whoever created that texture pack, THANK YOU, YOU ARE AWESOME!




Also, I thought my map would be a good idea for youtubers like BajanCaniadian and Popularmmos to use for some of their videos. IF you guys do create a video using my map, please give me a shout out. My minecraft username is WhiteWolf001 !


Have an AWESOME summer! Enjoy! Thanks!