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Welcome to UNDER DIRT a map by Zvede

You live in the corner of a city, it's just an another day. You don't have a job, and you're almost out of money. You don't have nothing to do, so you visit your friend. But something is different from other days. It's a lot more quiet, and where is everybody?!?


    This map is best played with 1-3 players.
    This is an adventure map, so no braking blocks. There will be mob battles, and venturing, completing quests, and following the story.
    You don't have to ask for a permission to make a video.
    Map is made by Zvede, with some help from Minkais
    The map can be played with 1.5 or higher.
    Instructions and the map included in download file.
    Certain texture pack not needed, use the one that you want to.
    This is my bigest project yet!

This map includes:

    Great asthetics
    A bit of parkour
    Battles against mobs
    Possibilty to play with friends
    Custom items
    Unique builds

If you make a video, be sure to credit this map and my youtube channel (