The Automatic Tunnel Bore Machine has seen many incarnations ever since Cubehamster, Alex_you, Dico200, peterjiangtw, and NotMitchu made the first-ever fully automatic TBM. As time passed by, people started coming up with better designs, including, but not limited to, a smaller version of the first ATBM without using observers, the first ever ATBM made for 1.11 (a design I made myself), and Raigaurd's super-compact ATBM. And now, I am proud to present to you the fastest possible ATBM in Minecraft. It unloads all of the blocks in just over 0.5 seconds - a speed that's twice as fast as the next fastest drill.




The drill slowly digs out a hole by sticking blocks to the drill head. These blocks are then unloaded by a unique system that I designed for maximum efficiency. The blocks are then sent via block chains to the block breaker which uses command blocks to break all of the blocks. The items are collected using a hopper system that transports them to a storage system.


Special Thanks to:


emeraldfyr3: https://www.youtube.com/user/emeraldfyr3
peterjiangtw: https://www.youtube.com/user/peterjiangtw


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