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Tranquil Gardens is a Minecraft puzzle map about pulling cubes and wandering around the beautiful world.
The map was made for the second Vertex Map jam where it got first place. The map has been updated since then with more polish, new blocks, and more puzzles.




Tranquil Gardens is made by: Vilder50 and pollieboy

The map is made for 1 player. (If more players joins they will spectate the playing player)

If needed, the resource pack can be found inside the world (It's the "resources" folder)

If you are using Optifine then please turn off connected textures for the best experience.


Mapjam Info:

The map was originally made for the Vertex 2nd map jam. The theme for the map was Ethereal and Isolation
We had 60 hours to make the original map.
The original map jam version can be downloaded here:
(Newest version can be downloaded by clicking the download button up in the right corner)