After 3 years of on-and-off development, the Team Fortress 2 experience can now be played on Minecraft! With no mods required and on the latest version (1.17+), all 9 classes are fully re-created along with the Capture the Flag (CTF) gamemode for classic TF2 fun!
So far only 1 map is available (2Fort) but as development goes along more maps and gamemodes will be implemented.

Join the discord server for progress updates and discussion on the project: discord.gg/Rs7Jpq5D8j

TF2MC on Planet Minecraft: https://www.planetminecraft.com/project/team-fortress-2-minecraft-project/

-Play as all 9 classes from TF2 with all their weapons and items
-Fully functional Capture The Flag gamemode for team based multiplayer
-Near perfect re-creation of ctf_2fort built from the ground up
-Hitscan and projectile based shooting inspired directly from the original game
-Fully modeled weapons that fit the Minecraft style along with many, many sounds from TF2

Class Previews:
(click through the gallery for previews on all the classes)

So far there's no server but the map is automatically ready for anyone to set up a server and play with friends!

(NOTE: This is technically a beta, more content, bug fixes and features will be updated as more people play and test it so please let me know on Planet Minecraft or the discord server for any suggestions or bug reports)

Everything was built, modeled, coded, and created by me with the exception of some assets from Team Fortress 2