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Skyblock Classic Edition

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Discover my new map. a skyblock but reverse

Skyblock Classic Edition

Skyblock is one of the most famous maps in Minecraft. the original has been updated and now supports all future versions of Minecraft Vanilla.



Steve/Alex wake up on an unknown island, inside a chest it says...


Multiplayer and Server

  • If you play with friends you can play multiplayer where you need to go to "Datapacks/Skyblock Classic Edition/data/skyblock/functions/multiplayer.mcfunction" and enable the strings (remove the # below where it says: "Only activate it if you are in multiplayer").


To convert and update the worlds in the most recent map:

  • download the map most recent and then take the datapack and add "generated" folder and the resources pack (if not do not spawn the islands and the structures),
  • replace it by deleting the old datapack and adding the new datapack,
  • and use the command /reload and automatically the function does everything for you.


If the world has remained at version 1.0.0 (legacy versions):

  • download the map most recent,
  • then take the new datapack,
  • replace it by deleting the old datapack,
  • then click "legacy" at the beginning and automatically the function does everything for you (always look at the compatibility of the versions, a popup should come out where it tells you all the compatible versions. if you upgrade to an incompatible version the world could be damage, always make backups).

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The experimental worlds are worlds still in development and they can have problems, I am not responsible for the problems that may come. visit the official Minecraft bug site here.

thanks to the original Skyblock team for creating the most popular Minecraft map.


READ THE LICENZE BEFORE DOWNLOADING THE DATAPACK: https://github.com/Loweredgames/Skyblock-Classic-Edition/blob/main/LICENSE