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[Pixelmon Reforged] -- Craftonia region map will start downloading in 5 seconds...


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[Pixelmon Reforged] -- Craftonia region map


This project is discontinued. If you wanna try out a project that actually got effort put into it, click here.


We have a discord server! You can join and ask anything you want!




Craftonia Region is now officially DISCONTINUED!

I don't have the interest to keep up with such a project anymore, and since it's no longer a canonic part of Craftonia I decided to stop developing it.

BUT! If you wanna keep up with the legacy of it, you're free to do so! You can DM me if you wanna keep up with the legacy of the map as the new developer of it and I'll redirect everything of the original project to your new continuation!


================ THIS MAP REQUIERES TO USE A CUSTOM SPAWNING SYSTEM ================


From the developers of Pixelmon: Reforged comes this region map of Pixelmon, this region is called Craftonia. This region has a lot of items all around it.
You start in a small room to select if you want to play this map in
Singleplayer or in Multiplayer, this map can be used for servers but
you'll have to manage it if you want it to have the starting kit.
I recommend using this map in multiplayer only for your friends.



What can I expect from this map?

-Trainers to battle, they'll give you evolutionary items

-Items inside Pokéballs depending of their rarity (Pokéball means common item, Ultraball means rare item, etc)

-Custom Ultra Space

-A shop where you can buy items. You can earn money by battling trainers.

-The spawn has a Pokécenter, a shop and a laboratory

-There are some areas where you can see Pixelmon Spawners, they're Pokémon
that can't spawn in the region but I force them to appear


That's pretty much it. Big love, the Pixelmon Reforged team.


(map created by fapdos, from the Pixelmon Reforged team)


Download pixelmon reforged