The world is coming to an end! As you walk you find a big company. You join in purpose of learning the truth and what is happening. But you have to past some tests.... You must live the lives of 5 legendary people!


Perfect Vacations Features:

-Unique bossfights
-Custom weapons/armor/items/shops
-Multiply objectives display
-Over 10 secret achievements
-Optional objectives
-Over 4 hours of dynamic gameplay
-Almost lag free
-Newest 1.7 command block and redstone technology
-Unique songs for more epicness  
-No mods required
-Good storyline
-And so many more!


-Don't use beds
-Read the books at the start of bossfights
-Don't play on peacefull
-Don't rush the map
-Don't break blocks that you shouldn't break
-Have fun Posted Image!

This map is made for one player but if you want to play it with friends then:

-Don't use bukkit!!

I recommend you to use the conquest resourcepack (You will need optifine or Mcpatcher):


I recommend you to use the soundpack oblivioncraft (Warning: Don't use it if you plan on making a walkthrough, copyrights and stuff):


If you want to make a walkthrough of my map then please have the trailer link in the description!