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Made by Skilendarz Group | Kalendarz2, TheSkilerPL

Some time ago, 2 noobs lived here, but one day one of them found a dead bush. The second noob decided to steal his plant, and in order not to lose it, he built a lot of difficult traps. Help the noob regain his property and show that you are a real Pro player!

Noob Vs Pro - Battle Of The Bush 
is a unique puzzle-unfair map, which consists of getting into the noob's house and recovering a dead bush. However, this is not so simple, because various obstacles are hidden at every step. the map contains many unusual mechanics for maps of this type, such as: dubbing, 7 levels with different traps, a few-stage boss fight, a special speedrun mode and much more.

Estimated playtime is at least an hour. (without skipping levels and using hints)
Have fun and good luck!

The map is multiplayer friendly
Our website (+resurcepack download):