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Welcome to Monster Industries, where two teams clash in an epic battle of business supremacy!


🏢 General Guidelines:

  • Split into two teams and take control of your very own production company.
  • The goal? Elevate your company's stock value to 750, 1000, or 1500 to secure victory.
  • The key to success lies in acquiring monster eggs and disrupting your rival's operations.


    🛠️ Resource Gathering:

    • Venture into the yard and complete simple tasks to collect various materials.
    • Gather essential resources like paper, coal, bone, gunpowder, and spider eyes.
    • Boost your paper production by purchasing slaves, increasing your resource output.


💰 Currency and Upgrades:

  • Utilize paper as your currency to purchase essentials such as food and armor.
  • Combine paper with other resources to acquire monster spawn eggs, your ultimate asset.
  • Engage in strategic gameplay by using paper for upgrades and automating paper production.


🦠 Monstrous Strategies:

  • Make your move towards the towering wall that separates the two companies.
  • Unleash the monsters into the tunnels, initiating an invasion of the enemy company.
  • Shape your destiny by tactically deploying monsters to wreak havoc on your opponents.

    ☠️ The Art of Survival:

    • Each demise costs your company 100 stock.
    • Fear not, as the Keep Inventory feature ensures you retain your belongings upon death.


💼 Stock and Special Tactics:

  • Accumulate stock to unlock special business tactics that can turn the tide in your favor.
  • Weigh your options and make strategic choices to pave your path to victory.



🌟 What's New:

  • Enhanced Monsters: Now encounter three levels of difficulty for every mob, adding complexity to the battlefield.


  • Complex Settings Room: Disable Specific Mobs, Turn off Monster Levels or even Disable rooms  
  • Infinite Replay: Enjoy unlimited gameplay with the ability to play the map multiple times.
  • New Winning Map: Experience a brand-new map for achieving victory.
  • No Command Blocks!


Special Thanks to the original creator, Mr. Foogy, for creating the foundation of Monster Industries.
Here is the link to the original map for those interested in checking it out Original Monster Industries Map


If you find any bugs kindly report them here, along with a detailed explanation of the issue


The suggested number of players for the optimal experience is between 2 and 6.


Dive into the world of Monster Industries, where strategy, resource management, and teamwork define your ascent to dominance. Best of luck!