Mega Hellion is by far my biggest creation ever. Inspired by the HMP droid gunship from Star Wars, this thing is enormous, and its about as big as it gets when it comes to working battleships in Minecraft, clocking in at an incredible 123 meters long, 107 meters wide, and 19 meters high. Not only is it moveable, but it has working weapons too. It took me at least 100 hours to build this thing. That's over 4 days of hard work! And now I have remade it, 9 months after I released it to the public on Minecraft Forum!
Caterpillar engine (The start/stop engine was removed to reduce lag and prevent crashing my game)
2 Sequential Triple Tunnel Bore Torpedo Launchers (Uses Alex_you's Ultimate Tunnel Bore Missile)
4 Modified Tomahawk Missile Launchers
2 Timed Precision Bomber Launchers
2 RFCC Front Cannons
2 A1 Front Cannons (These weapons can only fire while the ship is moving)
2 B2 Multi-Range Side Cannons
2 Sequential Sideways Tomahawk Launchers
2 A1-R Stern-Mounted Cannons (These cannons shoot backwards)
6 Movable Storage Compartments
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