- Currently Beta < Still Building >

- You should have the Resource Pack On while playing

- Singleplayer Recommended But Multiplayer also works.

- Prequel Coming out when it's ready (Being made by my friend, WhisperCrafter21)

- Sequel Coming out at a later date

- Tell me about any bugs

- Recommend any improvements that could be made

- Follow all the 'rules'

- 1.9

- Resource pack is in Folder





Opening Darkness Flies Folder


1. Click 'Download'

2. Skip Ad

3. Save/Allow

4. Go Into Your Downloads

5. Find 'Darkness Flies'

6. Open It Using WinRAR


Opening Minecraft Folder


1. Open 'Start' (Windows, I'll do a MAC/Apple Later, I don't have one so I don't know how!)

2.  Search '%appdata%'

3. Click .minecraft

4. Click 'resourcepacks'


1. Go Back Into the Darkness Flies Folder

2. Click On 'Resourcepack'

3. Drag 'Darkness Flies' Into 'resourcepacks' in your .minecraft folder

4. Go Back <Darkness Flies Folder>

5. Click 'World' <Darkness Flies Folder>

6. Go Back <.minecraft>

7. Click 'saves' <.minecraft>

8. Drag 'Darkness Flies' from your Darkness Flies Folder into your 'saves' folder.

9. Go Into Minecraft

10. Click 'Options'

11. Click Resource packs

12. Click The Arrow on 'Darkness Flies' (It'd say that it's out of date and it may not work, ignore this)

13. Press Done - It may lag a little bit; and if it crashes, don't use it unless it's activated

14. Singleplayer; 'Darkness Flies'

15. DONE!


If The Above Is Unclear, Please Message Me



Note: After Ankin, there is a pathway; follow it and it should lead you to some Command Blocks. Go Into Creative, Break the Redstone Blocks, And Activate the Command Blocks again to get OP Tools to help you go through Death Valley.